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The lab consists primarily of dual booting Windows 2000/Linux Pentium 4 machines. There are also 4 old Macs.

Linear algebra capable programs to support Math 221 in the lab include:

is installed on all Windows and linux machines with support notes at
Some linear algebra samples for getting started include:
linalg: html format | Basiclinalg.mws (more symbolic support)
LinearAlgebra: html format | BasicLinearAlgebra.mws (faster numerical support)
Entering Matrices: html format | EnteringMatrices.mws
is installed on all pentium 4 linux and windows 2000 machines with support notes at
is installed right now on two machines; the linux side of indian and the Windows 2000 side of tahoe.

We have a number of reference books in the lab on using Maple and Matlab within linear algebra courses. (Specific List Forthcoming)

A general listing of references in the lab is at

The lab also has much support for differential equations. For the moment you might refer to our Math 420 support page and the differential equation ideas below.

Some Ideas for Computer Usage to Enhance a Linear Algebra Course:

Some Ideas for Computer Usage to Enhance a Differential Equations Course:

At most times when the lab is open, consultants have ready access to immediate support by telephone, so please don't hesitate to ask questions when you have them.

Mathlab Hours during the Semester

Last Update: September 16, 2002