1995 User Seminar Series

Higher End Visualization, September 12.

To better serve the Department, the lab will be starting a series of
software use presentations. Aim of the series will be to help people become
more aware of what is possible, and how they can do it. Generally
there will be a hands-on component so that people can get their feet wet. 

Some possible topics for the series include:

	1. Csh and X usage.

	2. Exploration with Geometer's Sketchpad.

	3. Basic Maple.

	4. Including pictures in latex.

	5. Higher end visualization.

	6. Starting Mathematical latex.

	7. Basic Matlab.

	8. Writing Maple Procedures.

	9. Fractals and Dynamical Systems on the Computer.

	10. Mathematics on the World Wide Web. (Starting with
	http://mathlab.cit.cornell.edu, of course.)

	11. What are Math Departments Putting on Their WWW Servers ?

( Of course, we're always here to help you with our prime mission of
undergraduate instructional computing !)

Tentatively, we'll start with higher end visualization on Wed 
September 13 at 4:45 in the lab.

If you have other interests or suggestions, please let us know.
If some of these are of particular interest to you, that would also be 
useful to tell us about.

Or let us know if the tentative time seems bad for you.

						thanks in advance,

						 Doug Alfors

						 Allen Back