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Dynamical Systems has always been one of the most active areas supported by the Mathlab and we strive to offer high quality options and support in this area.

The lab consists primarily of dual booting Windows 2000/Linux Pentium 4 machines. There are also 4 old Macs.

Programs to support Math 420 in the lab include:

Polking Matlab Applications
Probably inspired by the MacMath programs, these are nice matlab .m files covering one and two dimensional equations. To start them on our Windows 2000 machines, one starts matlab and then types either dfield (1d) or pplane (2d).
Polking Java Applications
Java versions of the Matlab applications. Printing needs to be done by screen dump.
Dynamics Solver
Beautiful and powerful freeware from Juan M Aguiregabiria for Windows. Installed in the directory C:\Program Files\DSolver on all our Windows 2000 and Windows NT machines. Local support at Dynamics Solver. Printing needs to be done by screen dump (alt print-screen and paste into Microsoft Paint). Graphically oriented, but also can export numerical data.
Very powerful but older dynamical systems program for unix developed at the Cornell Center for Applied Math. Runs on all our linux machines. If you do not have a unix account in the lab, a consultant can log you in to an account to run the program. It is installed in the directory /usr2/src/dstool_2.0 on our Pentium 4 linux machines. Graphically oriented, but also can export numerical data through its browser window. Local support at
Very old but wonderfully conceived dynamical systems programs written at Cornell for the Macintosh. Primarily oriented towards pictures rather than numerical values. Installled in the folder MacMath 9.2 (and some newer non-commercial parts in MacMath 9.6) on our four old Macs with G3 upgrade boards. These machines are often turned off for electrical reasons. Printing from this program may be unreliable, screen dumps often being necessary.
is installed on all Windows and linux machines with support notes at
is installed on all pentium 4 linux and windows 2000 machines with support notes at
is installed right now on two machines; the linux side of indian and the Windows 2000 side of tahoe.
A number of Mathlab consultants have taken Math 420. Consultants do vary in their mathematical backgrounds, so some will not be familiar with the underlying mathematics here. At most times when the lab is open, even consultants not familiar with dynamical systems have ready access to immediate support by telephone, so please don't hesitate to ask questions when you have them.

E-mail to lab director Dr. Allen Back is also a good way to get advice about how to do what you are interested in in dynamical systems.

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Last Update: August 29, 2002