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Running XMaple Release 2 on Math

It is expected that Maple release 4 will be installed before long; until then, the command
	setenv XKEYSYMDB /usr/openwin/lib/XKeysymDB
should work around the translation table errors that sometimes appear by default after typing
	xmaple &
for remote display of X based Maple with a graphical user interface. You might want to incorporate this in an alias, e.g. by adding
	alias mapleprep setenv XKEYSYMDB /usr/openwin/lib/XKeysymDB
to your .cshrc file. You then need only type mapleprep before running xmaple.

Note that some graphics in Sun Unix Maple V Release 2 is broken, so you will get much more reliable pictures using Releases 3 or 4.

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Some of this is specific to particular sites, but parts may be helpful.

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Last Update: December 15, 1999