Printing Screen Dumps From Superior

The procedure is a little complicated, but portions of the screen can be
sent to our gray scale laser or color printers. One way to do this is
to combine the "snapshot" and "xv" programs with the normal unix command

Snapshot can save a portion of the screen in Iris RGB format. To do
this, you need to start snapshot and select the region of the screen
you are interested in. This requires some unusual keyboard manipulations,
so watch out ...

	1. Use "cd" to move to a directory in which you can save a file,
	e.g. your home directory.

	2. Type:

	3. A little window apppears, probably first in outline form.
	Click the left mouse button () to cause the small
	snapshot window to fully appear.

	4. While pointing (no mouse buttons pushed) in the small
	snapshot window, press and hold the  key down.

	5. While holding the  key down, move the mouse to
	the upper left corner of the region you want an image of.
	Don't press any mouse buttons yet.
	6. Now press the  mouse button, and while holding this 
	button (and the  key) down, drag the mouse to select
	your rectangle. A red rubberband will be drawn. 

	7. When you've completed selecting the rectangle, release the
	 mouse button and the  key.

	8. Now point with the mouse at the small snapshot window. Using
	the  mouse key, view the menu options for snapshot. 

	9. If you want to change the name of your file, select "New File Name"
	from the snapshot menu and enter a name ending in ".rgb" -e.g. :

	10. Select "Save and Exit" from the snapshot menu to create the Iris
	RGB file "pretty.rgb".

You can now use xv to change this file to postscript:

	1. Type
		xv pretty.rgb

	2. While pointing at the image window which appears, press
	 mouse to make the xv control panel appear.

	3. Select the  button on this control panel.

	4. Click the "PostScript" radio button to change from what
	is labeled as "IRIS" format. The program will change the file 
	extension from ".rgb" to ".ps", suggesting e.g. "", which is 

	5. Press the  button several times and then quit from xv.

To print this postscript file in color:

	lpr -Pcolor

(The color printer may need to be reset if it has previously been used
by a Macintosh. Ask a consultant for assistance.)

In grayscale:


Postscript files are large, and skylight only has room for about 5 megabytes 
of printing at a time, so please don't overload it.