File Service Notes

File service is provided by the ``Appleshare File Server Pro" program runnning on Atlantic. Someone must be logged on as root there to have it running.

When running, the program will show up under the ``Active Applications'' icon to the upper right of the screen.

The Fileserver program may be exited when you select it as the foreground application and choose ``Quit'' form the File menu.

You can restart the fileserver program by selecting it from the Apple Menu items menu while logged in as root.

Root password on Atlantic is the standard lab one.

Changing permissions on shared folders is done with the ``Appleshare Pro Admin Program'' At the moment that requires a special password.

Should the workserver console freeze, fileserver service may well continue.

Should file service fail, it may be enough to just quit and restart the Appleshare File Server program. Normal operation of the restart will take several minutes while a dialog box indicated that file service is starting up.

If this does not work at restarting file service, or if the console freezes, then the workserver will need to be rebooted. This is most safely done by remote login (e.g. rlogin -l root) (or telnet) as root with the usual password. Then the commands sync; sync; reboot should reboot the machine.

In an emergency, you can reboot the fileserver by pushing the lower button on the left. This is potentially hazardous to the file system, so don't do it unless the need is urgent! You will then need to log on as root and restart file service.

In the event the file server is inaccessible, the machines Long and Niagara 2 can serve as backup file servers. (Each can be mounted by user Guest on up to about 10 machines.)

The web page has more information on shutting down Unix machines safely.

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Last Update: June 30, 1998