Windows Adminstrative Notes

ACL Editing
XCACLS /E /P Everyone:R
XCACLS /E /G Consult:F
/T recursive; /E edit
/P for replace; /G for grant; /R for Revoke
F for Full; R for Read; C for change (write are full permissions
Special:X for execute; O for take ownership; D for Delete; W for Write; E for read; P for change permissions
Command History Editing
F10 or up and down arrows
Copying Directory Hierarchies
xcopy /E /I "src_path" "dest_path"
/E is for empty directories; /I is for dest directories that do not yet exist.
File Association Query
assoc .mat
For Loops
for /r %%i in (*.xxx) do rename %%i %%i.jpg. (recursive)
/d to iterate over directories.
Listing Directory Contents
dir /S for recursive
diruse /S for directory usage
NTFS Conversion
convert C: /fs:NTFS /v
Path Adjustment
path %path%;C:\Program Files\Resource Pro Kit
Remote Mounting
net use I: \\\D$ /PERSISTENT:NO
Secure Copy
C:\putty\pscp .
pscp has a -r flag for recursive copying
net start service
net stop service
net continue service
Setup Log Query
Safe Mode
winnt32.exe /#u:safemod
(creates setupact.log and skips bad part on secontd try)
Services List
shortcut -f -n "ssh -putty" -t "C:\putty\putty.exe"
net time \\woebegon /set /y

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