Scientific Notebook Support Notes

Scientific Notebook is an interesting mathematical writing tool. It is currently only installed on the lab NT machine woebegon. Ask a consultant in the lab to log you in to that machine if you want to use the program. Mathematical capabilities come from a subset of maple which is callable from menus.

A very important button in the program is the Math/Text button which lets you shift between entering mathematics and text. In the picture below, the red M indicates math mode.

Below is an image of the toolbar. (Which rows are actually visible depends on settings below the view menu.) There are a huge number of entries; pointing your mouse at the buttons and waiting will get you a brief description of the button's function.

A few key buttons are identified above.

3D Plotting

Below is an example of doing basic 3 dimensional plotting. Note that clicking on the Properties button lets you make many changes in the picture including adding extra surfaces (separated by a comma), changing the view, adding axes, or changing the style of the display. Many of the options available within the program Maple for a 3d plot are available here from menus.

A 2d Parametric Example

Spherical Coordinates


There is a brief booklet Getting Started with Scientific Notebook shelved with the Maple books top left of our bookcase. Online help is very good.

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Last Update: October 8, 1998