Math 222 Current Assignment

Due Friday, April 5

This week's assignment involves the routine plot_3d_region whose usage is very much like the way one enters a triple integral. The worksheet Using Plot3d Region in the folder Maple V R3:Math 222:Lecture 9 gives an example.

Since the routine requires arguments like those in the triple integral itself, its natural use is to check setup tries that have already been reasoned out, or to explore possible alternatives.

This routine gives a quick but rough picture of the region described by the limits of integration.

An optional last argument can be increased from its default value of 5 to get finer better pictures. Time required is roughly proportional to the square of this number.

The routine returns a set of 3 graphics structures, letting you see inside the volume. So without recomputation, after looking at the entire boundary as "gr", you can look (via the display command) at the top/bottom as gr[1], one pair of sides as gr[2], and the other pair of sides as gr[3].

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Last Update: April 3, 1996