Math 222 Current Assignment

Due Friday, February 9

Problem 1 follows techniques illustrated within the Math 222:Lecture 3:Using Gradplot worksheet. In particular, this shows how to use the gradplot command. Note that the level curves should be drawn in by hand rather than with the computer.

Problem 2 follows techniques illustrated within the Math 222:Lecture 3:Using Transform Plots (or Linear Approximation) worksheet. The worksheet illustrates what an "affine linear approximation" to a function from R^2 to R^2 is (besides being a mouthful...) and how to calculate it in Maple. This kind of approximation is important conceptually !

Note that problem 2 requires both the loading of the linear algebra package and the loading of the local transform_plots package.

Expressing exponentials as E^x often requires an evalf:

Here's the correction:

Loading Files Problems

Is the file transform_plots really in the subfolder library of the subfolder lcal of the Maple folder ?

Or has someone used apostrophes (') rather than backquotes (`) to specify the path. (The command paste pathname under the edit menu is the easy way to generate a correct path.)

The first step (Pacific above) is the top-level folder where the path starts, usually the machine name. When moved to a machine with a different name, the path won't work. So check if the machine name is correct.

Linear Algebra Problems

The linear algebra package needs to be loaded.


Linear algebra operations need to be wrapped inside evalm to be computed.


Scalar Multiplication uses * rather than &*


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Last Update: February 5, 1996