Math 221 Current Assignment (Professor Alperin)

Due Thursday, October 17

This is first use of Maple by Professor Alperin's class, so support is especially valuable.

People may not understand the interface very well, so be prepared to explain it. Opening up sample scratchpads (especially Basic Linear Algebra from the Math 221 folder is very natural.)

The students need to enter large matrices for the assigment, so be prepared to help. Using copy and paste will simplify things. List of lists is probably the easiest way to enter a large concrete matrix, e.g;

G := matrix(7,9,[[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],
might be a start to which one can do additional editing and re-execution.

The students are being asked to use the local row operations package. Look at the two worksheets with this kind of name in the Math 221 folder below Maple. Note the package needs to be loaded, and it does not have an undo. (The package does use global variables.) You have to re-execute from the start line (either start_ge or start_inv) after correcting an error. This just means hitting an ENTER many times after placing your mouse appropriately.

The directions on the assignment speak of using the general facilties of Maple for these row operations, but actually this step by step package is intended. It is not desired thjat students use a 1-line Maple command to compute the reduced echelon form.

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Last Update: October 9, 1996