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The current assignment involves several uses of fsolve and substitution of values into functions and their derivatives which are well documented in the assignment. Substitution (subs) is the most natural way to evaluate an expression at a point.

Note that Maple returns either nothing or an unevaluated function call when fsolve fails to find a solution. Adjusting the range within which solutions are being sought (see the assignment sheet for syntax...) will typically solve this problem. If someone is not finding the solutions they seek, check via evaluation whether a solution is really expected in the region specified.

Observe that the following are mathematically very different:

Some of the syntax examples use values like x=1, y = 2 which are purely for illustrative purposes. People need to use the real values.

The regular class assignment also includes some problems "use a computer to..." These can be done with Maple, or in some case Surfaces. Show people how to use the sample "Using Maple" worksheets below Maple V R3:Math 213.

Remember Surfaces does not always print reasonably, so shift to screen dumps when that arises.

Some Common Maple Errors

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Last Update: September 23, 1996