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There are samples for sections 13.6, 13.7, and 13.8 now (as of saturday 3/9) in the Math 213 folders. They look very helpful to the current assignment.

There are new samples from Chapter 13 in the Maple:Math 213 folder. The routine plot3d_region for getting quick rough views of elementary regions corresponding to triple integrals. The worksheet "Using plot3d_region" illustrates the technique.

There are some problems requiring numerical integration. The basic way to do numerical integration is

Without the evalf, only a symbolic integral is being sought. For many functions, symbolic integrals do not exist so it is expecially vital in those cases to include the evalf !

Some people are using the Doubleint function. Note that this requires loading the student package with(student); as well as using the command value to get a result.

Nothing happens if the student package is not already loaded.

A successful use of Doubleint:

Note that the D must be capitalized. Most inert functions in Maple start with a capital letter. Their results need to be fed to other functions (e.g. value here) which know how to use the inert results.

One can also do numerical double integrals by evalf(value(Doubleint(f(x,y),x=...,y=...))) but it is unclear how often this form of numerical integration produces a result in reasonable time and memory. However one dimensional numerical integrals are readily done by


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