Math 221 Current Assignment

Due Thursday, September 17

This is first use of Maple by this class, so support is especially valuable.

Remember we are encouraging students to start Maple by choosing the item Using Maple Alias from the Apple Menu Items button at the top left of the desktop. People may not understand the interface very well, so be prepared to explain it. Opening up the Basic Linear Algebra pointer from Using Maple is very natural.)

The students also need to use the local Row Operations package, so please take a look at that handout. Some discussion of errors is on the page

Errors Associated with the Row Operations Package

Linear Algebra Problems

The linear algebra package needs to be loaded.


Linear algebra operations need to be wrapped inside evalm to be computed.


Scalar Multiplication uses * rather than &*


Algebraically substituting in a matrix requires more than the subs function.

As usual, to do something to each entry of a matrix, use the map function.

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Last Update: September 10, 1998