Math 103 Current

Professor West's students will be making sometime use of the Windows 95 program ODE Architect which is partially installed on Utah. (the PC near Aral..)

Utah is ordinarily running linux. When students wish to use ODE Architect, they should go to a consultant to take care of setting things up. The consultant will often have to reboot Utah. In doing this it is vital that people NOT push the button. Instead, the consultant should use the Control-Alt-Delete key sequence which syncs the disks (thus safely shutting down Unix) before actually rebooting.

When the machine comes back up, at a certain point the prompt LILO (for linux loader) appears. By default after 30 seconds, linux will be loaded, but there is a possibility of starting Windows 95 instead. To accomplish this, hit the shift key from the LILO prompt, and then enter dos (a mnemonic for Windows 95) followed by a return. The machine will then run a virus checker and boot Windows 95. (Entering the lab password and escape a few times will also be needed.)

To run ODE Architect, we wil also the CD. This is a gold CD in the bottom file drawer. Put it in the CD drive. (Please Return the CD to the fourth drawer when the student is done.) ODE Architect is available on the Programs menu as a submenu; choose Multimedia ODE Architect from the submenu.

After the program starts, the class will be interested in Module 13 on Discrete Dynamical Systems. The menu entries under Discrete Models and Nonlinear Behavior will most likely be used.

After students are done, consultants should reboot Utah from the menu and start it up in linux mode. (You can either enter linux after shift at the LILO prompt or just wait for the default.)


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Last Update: February 18, 1998