Generating Postscript from Maple

> with(plots):

> setoptions3d(axes=framed,shading=ZGREYSCALE);

A monkey saddle.

> gr4 := plot3d(x^3-3*x*y^2,x=-2..2,y=-2..2,view = -2..2,thickness=3):

Display in a Mac or Native window.

> display3d(gr4);

Prepare to generate postscript in the file

> plotsetup(ps,plotoutput=``,plotoptions=`portrait,color`);

Actually write the postscript.

> gr4 := plot3d(x^3-3*x*y^2,x=-2..2,y=-2..2,view = -2..2,thickness=2,grid=[40,40]):

Resume Mac printing.

> display3d(gr4);

Restore graphics output style to the usual Mac windows.

The plotdevices x11 and window are also known in Maple Release 4.

> plotsetup(plotdevice = `mac`);