kBeep Support Notes

The current version appears to work on all Macs in the lab.

This version does appear to have a problem with the last note. Sometimes this is just an error. At other times, sound continues in an infinite loop. A possible workaround is to try ending always with a rest (x).In any case, please do not end with a chord.

If necessary, force - quit (holding down command and option) while pressing escape may be used.

Earlier versions of kBeep ran on Nubus based power PC's and on 68000 based PC's running system 7.5 or greater. In the Lab, this means the entire third row of machines (Indian, Jita, Keuka, and Long) as well as Beebe, Delta, and Flow.

KBeep was written by Kevin Walsh as a simple program to convert a sequence of notes into sound. It's performance is not guaranteed.

Basic syntax includes:

Sharps and Flats
A# will play one half step higher than A.
A\ will play one half step lower.
A4 (or a4) will specify the fourth octave.
There are 11 octaves running from A to G.
A:1/8 would be 1/8 of a beat, a:2 would be 2 beats.
Default duration is 1/4 beat.
[abc] will play a, b, and, c simultaneously.
[ab(cde)] will play a, b, simultaneously with the sequence (cde).
The character x can be used to denote a rest.


Where installed, the program is located in its own folder below "Music".


There is a README with the program, describing its syntax.

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Last Update: March 5, 1996