Hardware Notes

New Power Macs
The lab now has 5 PCI based machines installed. These are Power PC's with a new kind of bus, so compatibility is unclear. Analyzer * does not run well on them unless modern memory manager is turned off. There are likely other compatibility issues we haven't yet identified. So watch out for them, and let us know what you discover.
Two Machines on a Table
Several tables now have two machines on them. In most cases, only the newer machine is on the network. One cannot directly print from machines which are off the network.
Dos Compatible
The machine "Flow" is a Dos compatible 6100. The hot key command-return shifts to the Intel chip which is usually also running. There is a Macintosh control panel which can be used to customize the behavior of the Intel board.
Scanner Warning
The scanner warns against being turned on while the commputer is attached to it is running. So please under all circumstances respect this warning.

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Last Update: October 19, 1995