Generating plots generally involves selecting suitable icons (often as x's or y's) and then choosing a suitable plot command.

Plots may be moved by dragging with the mouse.

Bar Charts
count the number of cases in a a (usually) non-numeric variable.
are produced by the same method as dotplots but add information such as the 25th and 75th percentiles, outliers, and the median.
involve selecting numeric data as y and categorical data as x.
display numeric data in bars. Bar width can be adjusted by choosing Plot Scale from the hyperview menu (sidewise triangle) to the left of the title of the histogram window. to the number of cases
require the selection of one numeric variable and plot this against the case number (which starts at 1.)
Normal Prob Plots
plots the actual sorted values of the selected variable against a hypothetical normal distribution determined by the NScores function.
like barcharts count up the number of cases.
Rotating Plots
require the selection of 3 numeric variables. They may be set into continued motion by releasing the mouse while dragging.
reuire the selection of numeric x and y variables. The hyperview menu includes the possibility of adding a least squares line of regression.