Symbolic Systems

Title Author Comments
Maple V Learning Guide K.M. Heal, M.L. Hansen, and K.M. Rickard Excellent place to start; from the developers for Maple V R4
Introduction to Maple Andre Heck Older edition, but one of the best introductions for mathematicians
The Maple Handbook; Maple V R4 Redfern Excellent alternative reference (encyclopedic) to the libraries
Maple V Programming Guide M.B. Monagan, K.O. Geddes, G. Labahn and S. Vorkoetter Excellent programming reference; from the developers for Maple V R4
The Mathematica Book Wolfram 3rd Edition Mathematica Version 3
Mathematica 3.0 Standard Addon Packages Wolfram 1996
Mathematica Graphics Tom Wickham-Jones Telos, 1994 for Mathematica 2.2
Linear Algebra with Maple William Bauldry, Benny Evans, and Jerry Johnson 1995
Maple V Language Reference Manual Bruce W. Char, Keith O. Geddes, Gaston H. Gonnet, Benton L. leong, MichalB. Monagan, and Stephen M. Watt Old, but an excellent reference on the underlying programming language and data structure syntax.
Maple Talk Steven G. Adams Interesting discussion of a number of subtleties
Essential Maple, An Introduction for Scientific Programmers Robert M. Corless Concise interesting treatment
Solving Problems in Scientific Computing using Maple and MATLAB Walter Gander and Jiri Hrebicek Interesting moderate to advanced problems tyng both systems together
Differential Equations with MAPLE V Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton A treatment of traditional topics.
Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems with MAPLE V George Aotiicola 1998

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