Numeric Systems

Title Author Comments
Mastering MATLAB: A comprehensive tutorial and reference Duane Hanselman and Bruce Littlefield Excellent comprehensive reference
The Student edition of MATLAB Math Works Version 4 Users Guide
The Student edition of MATLAB Math Works Version 5 Users Guide
Graphics and GUI'S with MATLAB Patrick Marchand Excellent treatment of putting up your own user interfaces
Redfern and Campbell The Matlab 5 Handbook 1996
Matrices and Matlab, a Tutorial Marvin Marcus Aimed at a second linear algebra course with a computational bent
Matlab, an Intoduction Rudra Partap Written at Cornell to get students going quickly in 293-4
Numerical Methods with MATLAB G.J. Borse Good level of mathematical depth combined with Matlab code
Solving Problems in Scientific Computing using Maple and MATLAB Walter Gander and Jiri Hrebicek Interesting moderate to advanced problems tyng both systems together

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