Porta was written at theUniversity of Heidelberg to analyze polytopes and polyhedra.

Convex objects are represented in one of two ways:

ieq files
namely, lists of inequalities and equalities.
poi files
namely, lists of points whose convex hull and convex cone describe the object.

Using Porta

The most basic usage of the program is conversion between these two formats. Use of the verbose option -v also reports the face-vertex incidence structure.

Porta is installed on the mathlab linux machines utah and tahoe, in the directory /local/porta.1.3.1. It is also installed on in the directory /usr/local_sol/porta. (The subdirectory man1 has man pages.)

For example, if one wishes to work with the cube of side 2 in 4 dimensions:

traf -v cube4.ieq
produces the file cube4.ieq.poi
traf -v cube4.poi
produces the file cube4.poi.ieq

The release also comes with files example.ieq and example.poi which illustrate other aspects of the format of data files.

Local Man Pages From Porta 1.3.1

Last Update: June 24, 1997