The currently installed release is DsTool 2.0 alpha.

Version 3

Information about Version 3 is posted at DsTool at the Geometry Center

DsTool Version 2 Bugs

If you are using or planning to install Version 2 alpha elsewhere then this page has useful information, including some important easy to fix bugs.


DsTool was created at the Cornell Center for Applied Math to advance the visualization of and computation about dynamical systems. DsTool readily produces nice pictures for both discrete and continuous systems.

DsTool is located on superior, tahoe, and utah in the directory /local/dstool_2.0, which is a natural value for the environment variable DSTOOL. To install your own models, run the script $DSTOOL/bin/install_dsuser. On math.cornell.edu, the correct value of DSTOOL is /usr/local/dstool.

DsTool sometimes has difficulty finding its shared libraries, and so often relies on the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH. A correct value for this would be /local/xview3/lib on superior, and /usr/openwin on tahoe, utah, or math.

By exporting in geomview format (either by file or pipeline "dstool | geomview -c") the program can also produce 3 dimensional images.

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A good place to start is with the Tutorial Part 1


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